Changing reimbursement models place more liability with the patient. How are you improving the accuracy and efficiency of upfront collections during patient registration, to reduce billing rework later? How much of your potential revenue is lost because of a lack of information? How do you ensure that you provide accurate pricing and estimates based upon all of your costs and contractual obligations?

Like you, Kettering Health Network was looking for ways to optimize revenue cycle workflow processes and improve reimbursement. They faced collection challenges and bad debt as a result of a large volume of uninsured and under-insured patients and increasing deductibles and co-pays. They also were having difficulty with payer underpayments. They needed a solution that would integrate with their EPIC system and provide for sustainable, long-term success.

Learn how they brought together staff education, patient outreach and technology to recognize $36 million in upfront cash flow and go after $40 million in payer underpayments. Read their story today.